Welcome to my little corner of the web.┬áHere you can find out about my latest projects and other general performance happenings. I’m not on Twitter or Facebook, so you can sign up for the e-mail list of just drop by periodically to see what’s new. I’ll do my best to provide updates as often as possible.


I’ve had the pleasure of working in the performing arts world for two decades now and continue to learn and be inspired on a daily basis. Something I read and continue to keep in the back of my mind, whether I’m on stage, in rehearsal, or just working alone at home is a quote from Sidney Poitier in his book Measure of a Man, “In the professional theater, audiences are known to have been swept out of their individual realities and transported to imaginary places and to imaginary times that appear as real as any place or time out of their own experience. I once was well acquainted with such occurrences. On more than a few occasions I was present, on one side of the footlights or the other, when actors and audience conspired to make magic. Time and time again I witnessed some unknown force take hold and keep us transfixed to the evening’s end, then release us gently and send us home with gifts of remembrances to last us a lifetime.”


That’s what makes it all worthwhile.


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